Thursday, January 3, 2019

January 2019: Winter Apples

Saw this orchard on my way home the other day, and was struck by how many apples were left rotting on the branches. The contrast against the gray sky and snowy ground was striking, so I thought to accentuate that by making the whole image black and white except the apples. The result almost makes them look like Christmas tree ornaments. :)


B.D. said...

That's beautiful! Was that in-camera? Photoshop?

Jonderson said...

Thanks Steve!
Pulling the color was done using Photoshop.
I simply made a black and white version of the photo, placed it on top of the color version as a layer, and used the eraser tool on all the apples.
There are other ways of doing it of course, but I like having the control this method provides.
Glad you like it!