Saturday, October 5, 2013


Yes, you get two photos this month.  Aren't you lucky??  :)  Actually  you are, as I have been very busy this month and was worried that I would be late with updating again. 

The first is the photo which I had planned for this month, a non-typical view of DaVinci's famous horse sculpture. 

The second was taken as part of a shoot I did for Michael Gard, a San Francisco artist who was in town for ArtPrize.  He created this 13-foot wire sculpture, lit by over 1000 LEDs, and suspended it from a 10-foot helium balloon.  (It made the top 10, btw!)  As he flew it around downtown we happened upon a couple who had just been married.  They were enamoured with the spectacle, and Michael offered to let them "hold the reins" and pose for me.


Happy October everyone!