Monday, December 1, 2014

Already missing summer

It is almost as if we didn't even have an autumn here in West Michigan.  The leaves changed and moments later we were covered in snow! 

So here is a photo that I took this summer to help regain a little warmth!  :)

I have always found trains to be very photogenic, mostly because of the geometry and what the angles do with light.  But add into the mix something as frivolous as beans and it just becomes irresistable. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spring Forward, Fall Back

This month's photo is of a handsome grasshopper.  We are not seeing many of these around here anymore, now that the weather has turned cold.  I am always amazed at just how hairy most insects actually are if you look at them closely. 

We are still working on the relocation, but the deal we thought we had with a buyer for this one ended up falling through when said buyer backed out.  So it may get put off until next spring/summer.

In the meantime, get outside and enjoy the wonderful outdoors while the bugs are down and the snow is still up!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Pretty much what it says on the label.  :) A pair of pelicans.
I have always liked birds.  I don't know why, as I naturally keep very different hours from the bulk of the avian class.  These pelicans for example were captured first thing in the morning, when most birds are at their most active.  "The early bird gets the worm" is an expression for a very good reason.  Birds, for the most part, rise with the sun.  Pelicans are no exception.

While humans tend to persecute them for various reasons, as a photographer I find them to be surprisingly graceful.  Their awkward immediate appearance, especially while feeding, gives a very false impression of what beauty and elegance pelicans actually are capable of.  I hope to have captured some of that in this photo.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer Landscape

Here's a landscape that was captured about a month ago, just in passing, while moving between locations on a portrait shoot in Holland.  I just had time to stop, make this one exposure, and move on.  Yet another reminder that you always have to be ready for the unexpected shots to present themselves.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Natural light

Who needs Photoshop filters when you have the sun and trees to work with?  Apart from being cropped a hair and resized, this image is straight out of the camera.  No retouching, no adjustments, no filters.  Because as good as those tools are, there is still nothing that compares to getting an image right before you press the button.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On time and on target!

Yes, I know...for the first time in months, I am actually posting in the first week like I am supposed to!  Given how busy things have been it is all the more surprising, but here it is anyway.  :)

This is a gray tree frog, so named because despite its color in the photo it is usually a dull gray color as it sits up against tree bark.  Up in the leaves it turns this vibrant green, much like a chameleon.  It also does a wonderfully striking half-and-half camouflage pattern using both colors.  This one has just come down from the treetop obviously, as it is still very green.

Have a great July!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Fun

Moving is always a longer process than you think it will be.  Still working on it, so bear with me.  Busy and having fun though! 

This is a horse I have photographed before, and her new foal.  The younger has already shown an interest in the camera, and will undoubtedly be as cooperative a model as her mother. 

Hope your summer is off to a great start, and don't forget to check back here each month for news and new photos.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

News from the woods...

Every spring, there is a section of ground in back of the house which fills up with these forget-me-nots and marsh marigolds.  It is simply gorgeous, and I am going to miss them.

Yes, the rumors are true, we will be relocating from the remote woods at some point this summer in order to be closer to "the big city".  Naturally I have been very busy preparing for that, and will continue to be, which is why this post is so late this month and why it will likely be late next month as well (if it appears at all).  I will do my best to keep everyone posted though, and hopefully not a beat will be missed...although I did actually zone out and miss a scheduled meeting this morning, which is very unlike me!

We are going to miss this place very much, but are looking forward to the new opportunities the new location will present us with. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Celebrity Candid

This is singer/songwriter Tricia Brock, formerly of the band Superchick.  She has a wonderful voice, and is a truly gracious person to boot.

The combination of the old and the new which she incorporated into her appearance that night was very interesting and quite well done, the modern nose ring contrasted with the classically elegant earring, the modern platinum hair contrasted with the retro power-red lipstick, etc.  It worked so incredibly effectively for her that I decided to take it one step further by breaking with my normal form and doing some pretty major (at least by my standards) digital post-processing to give the shot a bit of a 1970's feel.  I actually did a several different versions of this image, not all with this washed-out disco look, but I decided to share this one because it was just so fun!

Have a happy April, and don't forget that my exhibit at the Walldorff ends on the 10th, so if you are going to see my works there you better get a move-on!  :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped out to the Walldorff on Saturday!  I appreciate all the kind words, comments, questions, and I even received a very nice gift! 

For those who were asking, purchase of the works hanging in this exhibit must be handled through the Thornapple Arts Council.  They can be contacted through their website or by telephone at 269.945.2002.

The exhibit runs through April 10th, so if you weren't able to make it on Saturday there is still plenty of time to see it. 

Thanks again, and think Spring!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Marching on.....

Caught this view out of the van window early this morning.  Thought I would share it, as clear skies in Michigan are becoming more plentiful with the approaching spring.  The sunrise in the east was equally stunning as the moon setting in the west, but I chose to spend my time on the moon this morning as it was full and the light was pretty decent.

Looking forward to meeting all of you at the Walldorff in Hastings this Saturday!  (4pm-8pm)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Updated Information on the Walldorff Exhibit: Meet The Artist Evening

After doing much battle with the weather this winter, it seems that a date has finally been able to be scheduled for me to head down to the Walldorff!  I invite you to come down and view the works, ask questions, and enjoy the Walldorff's food and drink.  They have some of the best food in southern Michigan, and great craft beers as well!

When:  Saturday, March 22nd from 4pm -8pm  (or longer if you wish!)
Where:  The Walldorff Brewpub and Bistro, Hastings, MI

Hope to see you there!!

The above photo is exactly as titled...shadows on the fridge in my kitchen.  It was really nice to see the sun for a couple days this week for a change!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Release

This is a never-before-seen image which I released especially for my current exhibit at the Walldorff.  I am really enjoying flower photos right now, as they provide a visual respite from the bitterly cold weather we are having. 

The exhibit runs until April 10, so make sure you get down there to see it!  (Did I mention that the Walldorff has excellent food and craft beer?)