Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Celebrity Candid

This is singer/songwriter Tricia Brock, formerly of the band Superchick.  She has a wonderful voice, and is a truly gracious person to boot.

The combination of the old and the new which she incorporated into her appearance that night was very interesting and quite well done, the modern nose ring contrasted with the classically elegant earring, the modern platinum hair contrasted with the retro power-red lipstick, etc.  It worked so incredibly effectively for her that I decided to take it one step further by breaking with my normal form and doing some pretty major (at least by my standards) digital post-processing to give the shot a bit of a 1970's feel.  I actually did a several different versions of this image, not all with this washed-out disco look, but I decided to share this one because it was just so fun!

Have a happy April, and don't forget that my exhibit at the Walldorff ends on the 10th, so if you are going to see my works there you better get a move-on!  :)