Monday, August 10, 2015

Round and round and round and round.....

I'm feeling a lot like this water wheel lately.  Yet again, and this time with much more fuss and bother than the last two times, our buyer's financing plans fell through at the very last minute.  The result is that the sale of this place will not be happening, at least not in the near future.  After two years the plan to relocate has taken its toll, and it is just not feasible or fair to continue.  Too many important things have been getting put off for too long.  So this morning we made it official...we took down the sign and concluded our business relationship with the most awesome realtor in the world (Don Scott at Coldwell Banker in Sparta).  Maybe we will revisit the idea in a few years, but for now that is it.

It is somewhat disappointing, but we do love it out here in the woods.
So until next month, we will be unpacking and picking the wild blueberries which are ripening wonderfully right now!

Mmmmm, pie!!!