Tuesday, May 20, 2014

News from the woods...

Every spring, there is a section of ground in back of the house which fills up with these forget-me-nots and marsh marigolds.  It is simply gorgeous, and I am going to miss them.

Yes, the rumors are true, we will be relocating from the remote woods at some point this summer in order to be closer to "the big city".  Naturally I have been very busy preparing for that, and will continue to be, which is why this post is so late this month and why it will likely be late next month as well (if it appears at all).  I will do my best to keep everyone posted though, and hopefully not a beat will be missed...although I did actually zone out and miss a scheduled meeting this morning, which is very unlike me!

We are going to miss this place very much, but are looking forward to the new opportunities the new location will present us with.