Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 2020: Sassafrass


Well, autumn is here as the sassafrass behind this maple tree can attest.
The season of preparation for the long winter, at least here in MI.
It has always been my favorite season, mainly because it is so ridiculously gorgeous here in MI in the fall.
Beauty is a thing that is unfortunately being overlooked a lot these days.
That is a shame, as there is still plenty of it about, as much as there ever was, if not more.

This October I am encouraging you all to make a point of finding something beautiful to notice.
Anything at all.
I guarantee you, if you do it will make your whole day better and it will make you want to keep seeking it out wherever you go.
It is hard to break out of the habit of seeing nothing but ugliness.
But life is too short and too precious to ignore the beauty that is all around us.
Especially in the fall.