Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Photo Challenge, Intro and Entry #1 Cat Skull

Well, you are in for what I am hoping will be a treat this month, as I have decided to undertake a photo challenge.  I will be posting an image on the blog every day this month, and each image must follow a theme.  (Trust me, it is a lot more challenging than it sounds!)

The theme I have chosen is skulls, primarily because it is a theme I have always enjoyed.  Skulls are aesthetically very pleasing to begin with, the shapes and lines, the contrasts, the symmetry which is never entirely symmeterical, all these elements lend themselves very well to the visual arts.  In addition, even within species each one is unique.  No two are exactly alike.  I find a tremendous amount of beauty in them, and hopefully by the end of the month you will too.

While I do have a moderate collection of real skulls, not every image this month will contain or depict one of them.  There are just too many great options available on this broad theme, and real skulls are only part of what I want to do.

In addition, as I am not going to be in town every single day this month, I am going to have to fudge the rules a little bit and do a few ahead of time (or pull one from the archives) to cover the times when I am not here to prepare them.

So don't forget to check back here every day this month, or if you'd rather get the update via email every day so that you don't have to remember, just enter your email address in the form at the bottom of the page.  In addition, the "Subscribe to" link will enable the "live bookmark" feed, but I am told that it does not function for everyone.

And now, without further ado, entry #1 in Jonderson's June Photo Challenge.

This is a domestic cat skull.  His name was Pooh, and he belonged to my friend Steve.  Steve was my first blog subscriber, so his cat gets the honor of the lead-off position in this project.  Cat skulls have great curves!


-K- said...

Great curves indeed. Looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

I just realized what this reminds me of...the old Misfits graphic!

Matt said...

That is a really nicely done pic! Very cool!

Brian said...

Very nice!!!
Love how you framed the shot!

Jonderson said...

Thank you all very much!