Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Now available

A few months ago I posted a color photograph of a band I took many years ago. That same night I took a few rolls of black and white shots of them playing, but all of the negatives from that shoot were lost in flood damage several years later. Or so I thought. It turns out that I did save one section of those negatives, which I recently discovered in a box of miscellaneous odds and ends cluttering up my "cave". They were still quite water damaged, but two of the images I felt were in good enough shape to warrant some sort of preservation.

So these are not what I would call photographs, though that is how they started. These are more what I would call digital art pieces due to the tremendous amount of restorative digitalization that has gone into them. These works are made, as I said, from badly water damaged 35mm black and white negatives, digitally reconstructed, colored, and otherwise enhanced.

Here is the skinny:
They are only available as signed 40x60 inch canvas "gallery wraps", and there will be only two of each available, ever. They are $450 each, or $800 for the set of two*. Each gallery wrap is on a traditional 2 inch frame, backed with cardboard, and comes completely ready to hang (including bumpers and hardware). The canvas print itself is protected by a state-of-the art coating and does not require any additional spraying or treatment.

*Set availability dependent on availability of both images, and is not therefore guaranteed.

Only one set now available, that is one of each. Available as a set or singly, as mentioned above.

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