Monday, January 10, 2011

Frigid Opportunities

It is cold here today. More importantly, it is really dry. All of the moisture in the air has frozen and adhered itself to whatever available surface it happened to be near. This is what frozen water vapor looks like:

Very pretty, and very tiny. That lovely fractal branch of frozen vapor is only about a quarter of an inch long. And as soon as the suns rays hit it, unlike ice, it will not melt into a water droplet. It will revert straight back to vapor form and simply disappear. In the meantime it provides a great photographic opportunity. Not just by itself though...water vapor is everywhere, and when it freezes like this it tends to cover every available surface. For the photographer, this makes for a wonderful but very brief window of opportunity to capture images like this:

Beauty like this makes it worth enduring the cold.

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