Thursday, January 31, 2019

February 2019: Frozen in Time

This old locomotive is an apt analogy to what the weather has done to this part of the world for the last week.  Cold steel, frozen in time, stuck in place, immobile and dead...but always inspiring to view. 

********Excerpt from my notes for the month**********
Dear Nikon,
Here's a new feature idea for future products: Internal heating elements for your camera bodies. I have noticed that cameras don't like to work well at temperatures below -20F or so, nor do photographer's hands. Particularly photographers who are over "a certain age". Miniature internal heating strips could run off the regular camera battery, and keep the internals warm as well as the photographer's hands, enabling continued use in extreme low temperatures. Such a feature would be very welcome for the tens of thousands of photographers working in non-tropical zones, and would undoubtedly open an opportunity for you to make a pretty substantial amount of money!  Don't worry, I am not going to ask you for a percentage for my idea. It is yours for the using, free and clear. However, as a dedicated Nikon shooter for the last 35+ years, making me a gift of one would certainly be appreciated. Preferably before next winter gets here.
Thanks as always,

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